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Important News

The packet for the June 11, 2024 board meeting  is available on the Supervisor Page.


Our election committee is in desperate need of Democrats as election inspectors for our upcoming Elections...Aug and Nov.

If you are interested in becoming an election inspector and working these elections, PLEASE Contact Clerk Lynda Sower @ 231.349.0290


Early in-person voting will be available starting in 2024. More information about this can be found here.

Attention Residents: Otisco Township will no longer have recycling until further notice.

Dump Vouchers

Dump Vouchers are now available for 2023/2024.  Please Bring ID.

Address Number 

All dwellings and other buildings shall be marked and identified by the owner with the correct street address number on or at the front entrance of the principal building or readily visible from the adjacent street or right-of-way.    This is for your protection in case emergency vehicles need to find your address. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

There are changes in rules of The Freedom of Information Act as of July 1. 2015 .  Freedom of Information Procedures, Guidelines and Forms:

FOIA Procedures and Guidelines
Annotated FOIA Public Act 442 of 1976
FOIA Request for Public Records (Form)
Notice of Denial of FOIA Request (Form)
FOIA Appeal a Denial of Records (Form)
Freedom of Information Act Detailed Cost Itemization
FOIA Appeal an Excess Fee (Form)

Township Board

Desmond Pike, Supervisor

Del Pike, Deputy Supervisor


Paula Byrne, Treasurer
Angie Bannister, Deputy Treasurer

Lynda Sower, Clerk
Kendra Bailey, Deputy Clerk

Joseph Borek, Trustee


John Feuerstein, Trustee

Meeting Schedules

Combine Harvester on Field
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